Making Thematic Maps with Mahalle Boyamaca

Mahalle Boyamaca is out on the stage.

It is a very simple application trying to solve a simple problem; making thematic maps.

There are a couple of very popular applications like ArcGIS, NetCAD to do this task. Mahalle Boyamaca has capabilities nowhere near of those, yet it is here. So, why? Why develop something that at best imitates the functionalities of those big applications?

  • Most valuable aspect of it is, one may argue, Mahalle Boyamaca is free, as in speech. Source code can be reached easily, although not found worthed to be shared on GitHub or alike.
  • It is a web application obviously, you do not need to find an installable. As long as dottilde survives, Mahalle Boyamaca will be here.
  • Its development was fairly easy. More than development it was a craftsmenship experience, putting bits and pieces together. The developer found it amusing to utilize the wonderfully crafted libraries, such as:


  1. Bootstrap CSS
  2. Bootstrap Colorpicker
  3. XlsJs
  4. BootboxJs
  5. Jquery.Noty

Kudos to those who have contributed to these lovely libraries.

  • Mahalle Boyamaca currently has no server-side code running at all. All content/code is downloaded to the client as soon as the application page loads. With the development tools of a browser, all source code can be obtained.  Having no server side code also means you should not refresh the page if you are in the middle of a work. Some sort of state saving is implemented but again in client side.
  • Even if noone else is going to use it, the developer knows at least one person is going to, it was crafted for a fellow company.
  • The developer had liked to experiment with the capabilities of HTML 5 canvas element.

One of the core requirements of this application is to be able to pan and zoom in/out of images displayed on an HTML Canvas.

Fortunately, there were others who have dealt with the same problem before. I would like to thank @S2am for bringing this question to the spotlight and @Phrogz for answering it throughly (If I could vote more, I would have voted hundreds). His answer was the basis of this core functionality of Mahalle Boyamaca.

In other articles, an informal user guide is going to be presented, some rant about making a static html/js application multilingual is going to be made.

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